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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

Is there a need for a trademark registration? Many entrepreneurs work successfully without it. However, it is crucial for the leaders in quality in busy trading niches. The trademark registration gives the owner of the enterprise the right to monopolize the production under a specific brand name. Unregistered trademarks, the so-called “free” trademarks, don’t have such right. Modern business is based on making money by any available methods. Some less successful entrepreneur may take advantage of the unprotected trademark and begin to produce goods under an unregistered trademark, creating competition in the sales market, reducing prices, quality and prestige of the goods. Only registering your own trademark will help avoid these unpleasant consequences. In addition, it will reduce the likelihood of counterfeit products. In case the trademark holder’s rights are violated, he or she is able to resolve the case successfully through the court.

Another pleasant consequence of a trademark registration for entrepreneurs is the possibility of franchising. The enterprises that have signed the contract will receive the right to manufacture products under the trademark of the owner for a small percentage of the monthly production profits. Many young entrepreneurs often take this step in order not to struggle with numerous and strong competitors.

To register a trademark, a unique logo is required, which cannot be confused with other trademarks. For this, a logo is checked with the entire database of already registered trademarks. This procedure usually takes two business days. Our company uses the English databases with the involvement of foreign experts, which guarantees the highest quality and complete result.

After the trademark is checked and recognized as unique, you must collect the necessary documents. The list includes a copy of the company registration certificate and the consent of the co-owners (if any).

The registration process takes a fairly long period - on average, this figure varies from six months to a year. Our company warns in advance about the necessary measures to be taken, mandatory documents and all the difficulties that may arise during registration. England as a partner for trademark registration gives customers the greatest number of benefits, including full legal security, economic benefits, and respect for all copyrights.



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