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Registration Ltd Company

Ltd Company

An Ltd company is a company with limited liability equal to the value of the shares declared. A citizen of any country can open a company in England without visiting the UK. All you needed to register a company is a registration address in England. For residents of the UK, we do not recommend using your home address in terms of business security. Moreover, at the moment, residents of London prefer to open companies outside of London because of the London fiscal offices are overburdened. It usually takes 24 hours to open a company.

The company name is chosen by the customer and checked at Companies House so that there are no matches or very similar to the names of the existing ones. The company is comprised of Director and shareholder or shareholders. Moreover, the same person can be both Director and Shareholder. Also, shareholders can be individuals or legal entities, but the director is only an individual. The registrant can independently choose the number of shares and their value, however, remember that this amount is the liability of the company to third parties. The most common case is creating 100 shares of 1 pound. The documents which the client receives during registration: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, Articles, First Minute, Share Certificate. To register, you must fill out a form, provide a copy of the director’s passport, and confirm your address of residence.

In some cases, we can offer you a nominee director with the provision of Power of Attorney with your full management and your full property; it is worth adding that the nominee director does not open bank accounts for companies and VAT registration. The nominee director is needed not to circumvent the tax laws of the country, but only to maintain incognito in the Companies House registry. For example, you are a director in two companies or you do not want your employer to know that you have a private business. After registering a company, you receive documents in electronic format. To open a bank account, you need to print out the Certificate of Incorporation and come to any Barclays, NatWest, Santander or other bank. If you don’t have a printer, we are ready to print documents and send them to you by mail. If you live in the UK, your documents must be apostilled (we provide this service) and sent to you by special mail. An English company can open an account at any bank in the world, but the account must be opened by the director of the company personally; an intermediary cannot open such bank account. In England, there is no law on printing and printing can be made by you in your country of any shape you wish.

A company can be active or dormant. An active company is a company that has at least one bank entry; a dormant company does not lead any activity. However, both companies are required to submit reports in the British Tax Office. The dormant company serves as a holding company, to register Trademark or register a new company and use it as a shareholder. The British company may engage in any activity not contrary to the laws of the UK. It is important to note that the re-registration of ownership forms of companies from Ltd to LLP or vice versa is impossible. We also want to emphasize that corporate tax in the amount of 19% is paid only for profit and does not depend on the country where it is made. This type of company is the main one in the UK which takes up more than 80% of registrations. We are always ready to answer your questions.


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