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Registration Nominee Company

Nominee Director

A company in the UK can be registered with a nominee, be it director, shareholder or both. What is the nominee for? There is a misconception that the nominee director is employed by companies only for some shady schemes, but this is absolutely not correct. Let us consider situations in which a nominee director can be a good option for a company. For example, you work as an employee and start a new business. You cannot quit your job because a new business does not make a sufficient profit yet; there are many risks, and you don’t want your boss to know that you have your own business. In this case, a nominee director is a great way out. The second case is if your businesses are related, for example, you work in a garage for repairing cars and at the same time you know how to organize a supplement business, for example, the delivery of spare parts. In this case, you can register a company to a nominee director and offer its services to your boss. The third case: you are a modest person, and you don’t want your relatives to know about your business. And this is where a nominee director comes for help. The fourth option is when you already have a business and you don’t want your business partners to know about your other business. As you can see, there are plenty options for employing the nominee. When registering, the nominee passes through Companies House, but usually the nominee does not open a bank account for the company; instead, he or she gives you a Power of Attorney for full ownership with the right to open an account. You then open a bank account and are responsible for taxpaying, although the reports must be signed by the director. In such situations, the nominee is usually paid annually, but there is the second option to appoint the nominee the managing director. In this scenario, the nominee opens an account for your company; you have to pay him/her a monthly salary, and he/she will actually work for your company. In any case, upon receipt of the Power of Attorney, you will have to provide a copy of your passport and proof of your residential address, which will be kept by the nominee. The nominee can be a resident of the UK or a resident of any other country. When creating an Ltd company, a company can act as a nominee. This is convenient when you need to put any assets on this company, but only an individual can be a director. LLP can be formed by two nominee companies.

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